Survey of Marketing

Read the attached article to answer these questions

Questions for “You Are What You Buy”

  1. Just as Professor Twitchell is somewhat defined by Wonder Bread and Coca-Cola, what are some of the products that define your character? Why?
  1. This article states that the average American encounters 3,000 advertisements every day. Can this be right? Choose a day that you can pay special attention to the number of ads you are exposed to and calculate the number. Try to keep it as a one-page summary, but please show/explain your calculations (this exercise does not need to be typed).
  1. Do you think it is acceptable to co-opt the art/music world to market products? Are there particular instances when it is okay? Are there instances when it is not okay?
  1. Pick a cultural icon from American advertising. Theorize about its/his/her origin. Where does he/she come from? What does it/she/he symbolize? Does the icon mean the same thing to all people?
  1. Do you agree with the title of this article – that you are what you buy? Why or why not?

Article: wolkomir__you_are_what_you_buy.pdf

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