The format of the paper will be:

Statement of your hypothesis and a very brief discussion
of how you decided that there was merit to this particular
subject as an area for investigation and what led you to
choose to examine this particular topic.

Discussion of the subject to be studied and the method
employed to conduct the research. If you are using survey
documents, a sample must be included. The sources of
information must also be well documented. Research tools
must also be clearly specified, e.g. don’t just say a ruler
was used, specify whether it was a metric or linear ruler.
Remember the experiment must be reproducible and
your work must be origm

Talk about problems that arose either in the accumulation
of the data or in unexpected results that caused you to
change your methodology. (This change will have occurred
during the experiment, not before you settled on the topic
of your experiment.)

Data Analysis Analyze the data collected. If you have
collected information on age and sex of respondents, make
sure that you compare answers according to age and sex
as well as any other parameters used in the survey. (More
on survey experiments in class.) If you ask ten questions,
each question should be purposeful and should give you
data useful in supporting or refuting your hypothesis.

Discuss the results of the research fully including
graphs, pictures, and data tables as appropriate.

Based on the data, draw a conclusion about the data.
You may also have noticed a strong correlation in the data
to something you may not have been testing. This
serendipitous finding should be noted, though it is not
necessary to go into further discussion in the paper.

Conclusion Finally, you will state whether you believe the
data analysis and the conclusion support or refute your

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