supply chain management paper

supply chain management paper
please pay attention to the details of the assignment:
Maximum 8 pages, double spaced (exhibits and appendices can be included in additional pages)

Your assignment is to submit a report outlining the opportunities, risks, requirements, and challenges associated with exporting a product to a new market in a developing economy/country. You may choose the product and the country, but please provide your logic and supporting data for why this is a good opportunity. Issues discussed in class should be addressed in your report. Be sure to use headings to break your report into sections. Include a map indicating the route your product will take including the ports (water or air) that will be used. Consider the following:

1. Why is the developing economy you selected a good market for this particular product?
2. What factors will impact supply and demand within the country?
3. What issues will you need to address in your contracts with your customers? How specifically will you address these issues (provide supporting logic)?
4. What are the major risks and/or challenges associated with exporting this product and selling it into this market? How would you mitigate those risks?
5. What is the harmonized tariff code for your product? What is required to import your products into the country (licensing, duties, documentation, labeling, etc.)?
6. What are INCO terms, freight costs, label requirements
7. What modes of transportation and routings would you use to export your product?
8. What time and costs will be incurred in the transportation process? What are the implications for the competitiveness of your product?
9. Please be sure to provide support for your decisions and cite your sources appropriately (use APA Guidelines)

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