Supply Chain Management

: Supply Chain Management
The Case: Agile Supply Chain: Zara’s case study analysis: Zara is a fashion label and fashion chain stores established in 1975 by the Spanish group Inditex owned by Amancio Ortega.
Please read the attached case study. Choose another company and compare the supply chain of your chosen company to Zara’s in terms of the following dimensions:
• The Customer Service / Logistics Processes & Transportation decisions. Chapter 1
• Channel Strategy (Channels for Distribution). Chapter 4.
• Network Strategy / Warehousing & Facility Location. Chapter 5
Aims of the Course:
• To deliver an appreciation of the importance of logistics and supply chain management in creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
• To develop an ability to evaluate the customer service components of the supply chain.
• To study the commercial and physical components of the supply chain network.
• To enable students to describe and apply appropriate techniques for managing the supply network.
• To understand current controversies in supply chain manipulation.
General Instructions:
The assignment has been designed to marry the theoretical analysis and practical application of the concepts of ‘SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT’. This assignment will therefore require students to show a critical understanding of the different aspects of the concepts combined with an objective appreciation of its relevance to an organisation in a real commercial setting.

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