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supply chain

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Research Question: Analyse how a strategic fit could be achieved in business organisations and justify the importance of achieving strategic fit in business organisations. The essay is designed to assess your ability to:

Conduct independent research on material relevant to the assignment topic
Develop an argument in your essay and justify your answer with examples
Define and explain key terms if necessary
Plan a systematic and critical analysis of relevant academic publications and other research
Present a logical, clearly expressed and accurately referenced written essay.
To be able to illustrate critically thinking through a critique.
This is a research essay and your research may include reference to textbooks, journals, newspapers or other articles. Your opinions and comments are welcome as long as you can justify them with examples and evidence.Your essay should be Double Spaced, use 12 Pitch, Arial Font, 2cm Margins…
Note: although a reference list is required, a Bibliography is not)..

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