Successful Purchasing at a non-profit Organizations

Successful Purchasing at a non-profit Organizations

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This research proposal will be QUALITATIVE

I chose this topic based on the place i am working in which is called Dubai Foundation for Women and children, this foundation is non-profit, and my role in this foundation is a purchasing executive, therefore I am dealing with alot of invoices and quotations and LPO’s(Work Order Form) and Payment Certificate forms. the issue that i want to highlight in this paper is that we dont have a system in our work yet therefore papers are easily getting lost when they increase. Moreover, employees loose track when numbering the documents such as LPO number 1 or 83 etc. In the HR department it is hard as well especially that all of the documents for the entire employees should be updates yearly but because of lack of system they cannot keep in track.

In this proposal I will make an interview with the employees so this will be my research method.

some questions that I want to cover in this paper:
1) what are the challenges associated with purchasing?
2) Stakeholders: Accountants and senior financial controller

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