Topic: Programming Frameworks coursework

Paper details:

Part 1 (40%):

You are to research and prepare a section of your report describing the application of quality assurance to your work.

For this task you are required to perform some quality assurance on your coursework. You should document as a detailed section in your coursework how you will ensure both process and product quality. This should include the development of a quality plan for your work and a review of your plan once the work is complete.

As part of the quality process, you should give a presentation that facilitates the review of your quality plan. You are required to deliver the presentation formally and should also include it as part of your coursework.

Summary of Report – Part 1 (40%)

This part your coursework should include the following:

1. A description of your process and product quality assurance procedure for your coursework. This should include a description of any change control that you have employed.
2.    A description of your 5 minute presentation (approximately 5 slides) aims/objectives, the power point slides, and a critical review.
3. A review of your quality assurance procedures.

Your QA plan should guide your production of Part 2

Part 2 (60%):

You are to submit an academic style paper.

In his seminal paper “No Silver Bullet – Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering[    Brooks Jr., F. P., “No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering”,
Computer, Vol. 20(4), (April 1987) pp. 10-19. (A copy of this can be found online)]” Fred Brooks Jr. questioned whether there could be a “silver bullet” that could lay to rest the monsters of missed schedules, blown budgets and flawed products. He argued that software development is ultimately reliant on good designers and good managers and so advances in technology and methodology such as object-orientated analysis and design or programming languages can never give more than marginal gains. He concluded that “Building software will always be hard. There is inherently no silver bullet.”

However, that paper was written nearly thirty years ago and in that time there have been a number of advances which claim to specifically address the problems of large scale systems development.

You are to research and prepare a report on one of these new techniques from the following list:
Product line software development,
Cloud based computing.

Your report should be an academic style discussion that critically evaluates the technique’s value in the light of software engineering’s inherent problems and concludes by discussing how far the technology does, or does not, go toward supporting the view expressed by Brooks in the quotation given above.

The report should have solid academic content and you should therefore base your discussion on at least one refereed paper from a leading computing or software engineering journal such as IEEE Software, IEEE Computing or Communications of the ACM.

The paper in Part 2 should following typical format of a formal academic paper. You may consider looking at the ‘information for authors’ found in all referred archived journals for examples of formatting and layout. An example of the IEEE style manual and article templates can be found at

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