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Outline: #1 Subcultural group – businesswoman
Social role- marketing consultant
Expectations- business presentations, great communication skills, public relations, and match up consumer needs and desires with a company’s products and/or services, to be creative
Norms and sanctions- I have to close deals with clients before the end of the month or if not I won’t get bonuses. Keep the company in a steady rhythm of sales or I will get fired.
Symbols- money, new businesses, creative mind, helping hand
Gestures- hand shakes, smiles, hands movement to point out things at meetings, typing, and a lot of talk
Material objects- Coffee, vision board, computer
Language patterns- My name is Leslie and I work in the marketing department at Wireless Solutions Center, I would love to work with you and help you improve your business image, I will help you market your products in the best way possible
Social institution- private business
#2 Subcultural group- Ballet
Social role- dancer
Expectations- to be flexible, to know how to properly do a split, to have a healthy diet, show my emotions while dancing, to wear proper attire and hairstyle for the class
Norms and sanctions- never start a new section or choreography without stretching first, respect your teacher/instructor, can’t miss training days, do not bring food or gum to the studio, not to eat immediately before the class to avoid health problems.
Symbols- ballet silhouettes, music
Gestures- standing on your toes, the first second third fourth and fifth steps, arms and hands over your head
Material objects- dance shoes, tutus, hair ties, tights, leotard, and warm-ups
Language patterns- “one two three four, one two three four”, I need a break, am I doing my Croisé right?
Social institution- Sports

*Intro paragraph: compare and contrast two subcultural groups you belong to and two (or more) social roles you play in each group.

*Body: – Elaborate on the social expectations you have for yourself and others while in one subcultural group versus the other subcultural group.
-Provide an in-depth understanding of the different folkways that are unique to these groups and explain the sanctions members of the group face when they violate a folkway.
– Clarify what specific symbols, gestures, and material objects are unique to each subcultural groups.
– Describe the common language patterns found in that subcultural group, meaning words or phrases that are unique to each subcultural group.
-Explain which social institutions do these subcultural groups belong to.

*Conclusion: -Summarizes how the two social roles and subcultural groups are different.

ESSAY FORM: Times New Roman, 12 Font, 3 pages, Original thoughts no plagiarism, 4-6 sentences in a paragraph, MUST USE COLLEGE LEVEL WRITING

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