Study skills

1. To demonstrate the ability to write an academic style essay.
2. To show ability to reference correctly.
3. To be able to defend an argument using other sources in support.
Essay – “Is there a credibility gap between contemporary economic theory and real world economics? Do the views expressed by E F Schumacher 40 years ago have any relevance today?”
This essay follows on directly from assignment one and you have been provided with a copy of the relevant chapter for that assignment. You can refer to other sources of information as appropriate.
Please note that a detailed understanding of economic theory is not required to succeed with this task.
When writing your essay, you should include research, note-taking, planning, structuring and editing. In addition you should refer to the sections on essay writing included in one of the Study Skills texts such as:
Cottrell S (2008) The Study Skills Handbook, Basingstoke, Palgrave
Cottrell S. (2011) Critical Thinking Skills: Developing Effective Analysis and Argument, 2nd edition Palgrave Macmillan
Créme P & Lea M (1997) Writing at University, Buckingham, Open University
Drew S & Bingham R (1997) The Students Skills Guide, Aldershot, Gower
Rose J (2001) The Mature Students Guide to Writing, Basingstoke, Palgrave
Tyler,S. (2007) 3rd edition The Manager’s Good Study Guide, Milton Keynes, Open University

4. References
You must show that you have consulted the literature on the subject by the use of references. You are expected to refer to a range of sources, including non-electronic sources of information ie. academic books. You should use the Harvard Referencing System. As a minimum, you should refer to at least three academic sources. As a guide, there is usually an expectation that you refer to at least five academic sources when writing an essay or report.

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