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The report will be evaluated based on the following outline:
1. Executive summary (brief): Clearly outlines the objective of the project and report, analysis, findings, lesson learned and recommendations. (5 marks)
2. Introduction (brief): It clearly demonstrates the purpose of the report, key terms/issues you are going to discuss and the report structure. (5 marks)
3. Project Appraisal/Body: (Answer the following questions)
1. How did the project team handle risks at different phases of project life cycle? Discuss. (5 marks)
2. Who are the key stakeholders in the project? Briefly discuss the communication management issues with the major stakeholders. (5 marks)
3. Was the selection of project manager right for the project? Was he qualified to be a project manager- rationale your answer? (5 marks)
4. What happens when a situation of mistrust occurs between the customer and the contractor? Discuss the issue with respect to the project. (5 marks)
5. Justify the choice of Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract for the project. What other type of contract they could have chosen, and why? (5 marks)
6. “The truth doesn’t always win proposals”. Was it a right approach? Discuss the ethical issues in different phases of the project. (5 marks)
7. Complete your evaluation of project management for this project, and calculate the average rating using the following grid and justify your score. (5 marks)

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