Student support services.

Specifically, address the multiple parts of each question in your responses. Specific citations should be noted in your references.

1. As an administrator what specific student support services would you desire in your school? Why? What barriers do you anticipate to the provision of these services? How would you supervise and monitor these services as a local school administrator? Include variables from the ASCA Framework to support your response. Does this differ from your general supervision in other areas? Explain.

2. Give a brief definition of Student Support Teams (SSTs), Response to Intervention (RTI) and a description of the Pyramid of Intervention (POI). What are the implications of RTI and POI for personnel in the student support areas? As an administrator, how would you provided the framework for a successful SST (include in your response personnel, resources and administrative supervision).

3. As defined by ASCA, differentiate between a vision statement and a mission statement. As a P-12 administrator or a higher education administrator, develop a mission statement for support services?

4. Go to the GA Department of Education website and review a service other than Counseling, Health or Social Work Services. Detail key services provided in that specialty. How is this specialty like Counseling? How does it differ?

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