Hernandez, Andrea P Apr 15 to me, Kent Armin, You are receiving this email because the draft you submitted to Workshop #3 (Business Plan) was found to be plagiarized. You will be contacted by the Student Conduct Coordinator shortly, who will explain what the specific consequences will be. Ms. Hernandez Few days after that i received Dear Armin Saberi, It has been brought to my attention that you exhibited academic dishonesty in ENGL 205 during Spring 2016. Specifically, it was reported that you a Business Plan from online and submitted the plan as your own original work. This is a serious violation of the Student Conduct Code. Ordinarily, such conduct results in disciplinary action including suspension and/or probation. Under current University policy, students may repeat up to 15 units of course credits for the purpose of achieving a higher grade, except when the original grade involves an act of academic dishonesty. As such, be advised that the grade assigned to you in this course will remain on your transcript and be calculated in your grade point average, even if you repeat this course in the future. You are hereby admonished that any future violation of the Student Conduct Code will […]

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