Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Individual Essay


Ryanair, the renowned discount airline, has recently launched into its business class venture (see the supporting article on Moodle). In the next 10 years, they have plans to expand their business model to incorporate transatlantic flights (see Moodle for a starter article relating to this).

You are required to address 2 tasks:
1.    Underpinned with theory and case examples, critically analyse key strategic management challenges and opportunities regarding this internationalization beyond Europe. (Approximately 1400-1500 words)
2.    Using your analysis in the previous task, make justified recommendations in terms of how the strategic management business model currently used needs to be adapted to successfully internationalize beyond the European marketplace. (Approximately 300-400 words)

Additional assessment guidance

In terms of content for the essay, there are a variety of approaches, as well as issues, which you can discuss. The list below is only a guide to get started and you can go beyond topics mentioned as long as it is relevant to the assessment.

Potential topics:
•    Analytical Frameworks and Strategic Decision-Making Models, Strategic Approaches
•    Strategic Analysis, Formulation and Choice
•    Strategic Implementation and Control
•    General and Competitive Environmental Analysis, e.g. PESTLE, Porter’s Diamond, Porter’s Five Forces, Porter’s Generic Strategies etc.
•    Market Entry Strategies, e.g. exporting, franchising/licensing, joint ventures etc. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
•    Economic Perspectives on Strategy
•    Globalisation

Try to be direct in the application of authors’ opinions, theories and models to the case study being analysed. In other words, do not describe what theories and models are, apply them – this application will demonstrate knowledge (if applied correctly). You may also find it useful to use other real-life organization examples to expand your discussion (these examples are not restricted to the airline industry).

Essay construction:
•    This essay should contain an introduction (50-100 words), a conclusion (50-100 words) and the main body (1800-1900). In addition, you must provide a full references list at the end of your essay.
•    Subheadings should be used to separate your introduction, task 1, task 2, your conclusion and references section. Please do not number your sections.
•    Write in full sentences and construct paragraphs around the issues you discuss. Try to avoid bullet-point format as this would be more suitable for a report format.
•    APA referencing is a requirement for this essay. It is recommended that a minimum of 20 sources are referenced. Try to use credible academic sources where possible, e.g. textbooks and journal articles.

Learning outcomes

1.    Define, interpret, and critically evaluate the aims, concepts, role and functions of strategic management and the bases for the formulation of strategy and its management and development within an organisation or business context.
2.    Analysis and evaluate the contemporary debates and theories underpinning contemporary business strategy and the perspectives related to strategy within organisations.
3.    Develop and compile (a) strategic plan(s) which incorporates a full consideration of the contexts and concepts applicable to an organisation or business context and which is based on theoretical and practical applications for an organisation.

Assessment criteria:

•    Critical application of knowledge and understanding of theory relating to strategic management.
•    Well-constructed and balanced discussion of relevant factors relating toRyanair leading to logical and justified recommendations.
•    Evidence of a wide range of relevant reading.
•    Accurate referencing using the APA Systemand a full References section at the end of the essay.
•    Appropriate essay format

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