Strategic Communication Plan: Milestone 2

Strategic Communication Plan: Milestone 2
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Examine your current place of employment, a past employer, or a hypothetical organization with the intent of continuing to develop your strategic communications plan. This assignment builds on Milestone 1.

Use a presentation software application to provide 1 to 2 professional slides. Use speaker notes to discuss the importance of ethics and proper planning for managerial communications.

Include the following in your presentation slides:

Address the need for ethical communications in the workplace.
Discuss how clear, honest, empathetic and well-planned communications are vital for managers.
Address the concept of standard setting and leading by example as well.
Cite key aspects of your reading this unit and/or any other external peer-reviewed resource.
Address the beneficial role of strategic communications within your identified firm. You will continue to work on this theme in each unit.

A professional presentation consisting of 1 to 2 slides plus 1 reference slide
Integration of at least two scholarly articles into the presentation (Use the Westwood Library Services. These are accessed from your MyPATH Home Page.)
Specific speaker notes that are 1 to 2 paragraphs in length (The notes must follow APA guidelines, including references to course materials, as appropriate. Include a reference slide with your presentation.)

use Use speaker notes to discuss the importance of ethics and proper planning for managerial communications

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