Strategic Analysis/Plan For Uber

Strategic Analysis/Plan For Uber

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Individual (Strategic Analysis/Plan) Paper

Learning goal: To develop your ability to systematically analyze and plan for a dynamic, fast-growing organization. You will prepare a strategic analysis of/plan for Uber. Your “client” is that organization’s top management team. Your paper will be graded on the basis of its insight, logic, and scope.

Your paper should be three pages, double-spaced, using 12-point type, not including appendixes, exhibits, and/or references. Please follow this format:

Page 1:
• Current capabilities—as a mix of differentiation (D), economy (E), and interaction (I)*
• Current customers, competitors, and complementors (C3)

Page 2:
• Your time frame (planning horizon), and rationale for that date
• Your proposed capabilities
• Your expected/proposed C3

Page 3:
• Rationale for your proposed capabilities
• Rationale for your expected/proposed C3
• Major implementation issue(s)

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