Statistical Analysis

For this assignment, you will be provided with an SPSS dataset collected from the BCA 210 (Survey of the Mass Media) course. You will need to pull up this data file in SPSS and run statistics from this file for this assignment. You will also have access to the survey instrument (questionnaire) used. From these materials, you will write up an analysis of the data.
First, you need to look over the survey instrument and come up with FIVE simple hypotheses to test that are related in some way. Each hypotheses must have one dependent variable and one independent variable. You must use each of the following statistical tests: correlation, t-test, ANOVA, linear regression and chi-square (crosstab), at least once in the analysis, so be sure to select your hypotheses so you use all of these statistical tests.
Once you have your hypotheses, now you have to run the appropriate statistical tests and determine if your hypotheses are supported or refuted by these data. Then determine what these findings indicate about the BCA 210 students.
The report of your statistical analysis should be structured as follows:
1. Explain your assumptions about the students in the course to support your
2. State your five hypotheses.
3. Describe the sample through appropriate descriptives and frequencies. Then
report the statistical results for each hypotheses using correct APA formatting. You may use APA style tables if appropriate, but you may NOT cut and paste tables directly from the SPSS output into your report.
4. Discuss the meaning of the statistical results and draw some conclusions about the BCA 210 students.
Please submit your assignment in two files on Blackboard by the due date and time noted on the course schedule:
1. Statistical analysis report as ONE Microsoft word file.
2. ONE file of your SPSS Output (in SPSS or html format). The statistical results
must be listed in the Output in the order they are reported in the analysis and should begin with the frequencies and descriptives that you report.


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