State whether the hypotheses are accepted or rejected and why is that in your opinion.

This paper is for my MBA final year. its my graduation research paper. The professor has given us the below guide line and I will be uploading 2 papers that he gave us as a sample.

main sections:

One or two paragraphs that briefly describe the issue researched, how it was tested and the main results. This section of the report to be written when all sections are complete.

This section will contain the nature of the topic and why it was selected. A logical explanation is important. It also include a description of the report organization.

Literature Review:
This section contains a review of the literature related to the specific topic selected by the student. The student must demonstrate a structured discussion of the relevant references. Research hypotheses are driven from the logical and structural discussions of this section. This should lead to a formulation of the solution framework for the research problem.

Hypotheses are developed mainly from the review of the literature in the previous section which will be listed in this section also. A model is to be formulated for the solution of the problem and to test the hypotheses. Parametric and non-parametric statistics and econometrics are used to test the validity of the research hypotheses. Regression is one tool widely used to test the effectiveness of the underlying variables. There are many statistical methods that can be used to test hypotheses. This section will also contain a description of data collection and quality.

The main result of this section is to state whether the hypotheses are accepted or rejected and why is that in your opinion. You can also compare your results with those of the others who researched the same topic from different angles. This section shows clearly the extent of your research contribution to the body of knowledge and to the practice.


The above sections are summarized in this section in a logical concise and structural manner.

The above section should be seen as general guidelines.

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