State the question you will answer and why it should be important to the reader.


The Subject: The subject of your paper should be how a particular religious group adapted to a particular change, or set of changes, in its social and cultural environment.




Lay out your paper in clearly defined sections.  I recommend the following outline:




Title Page:  Choose a title that tells the reader something about the problems the paper will address.  Subtitle is as Research Paper.  Also be sure to add your name and the name of the course (REL 110: World Religions)






  1. State the question you will answer and why it should be important to the reader.Be sure that you explain the question clearly and provide whatever background information is necessary for the understanding of this argument.


  1. Answer the question as concisely as possible, and give at least three reasons why your argument is the best answer to the question.




Body and Argument:  The reasons stated in the introduction will from your argument.  Make each of sections within the body of the paper.  The best way to give this section the cohesion and coherence it requires is to make sure that the topic sentence of each paragraph directly addresses the reason that defines the section in which the paragraph resides.  If there are important counter-arguments that any well-informed reader might encounter, you will need to state them clearly and clearly explain why they are inferior to your argument.




Conclusion:  Briefly summarize the reasons your argument answers the question show how you have supported those reasons convincingly.




Bibliography: This should distinguish between the sources you have consulted and those you have actually cited. Bibliographical entries on electronic sources should include all information necessary to find them, such as the web address, CD-Title, and Publisher, etc.  They should also include the date you accessed them, and all information related to an original printed source if there is one.




Format: The proposal should take the format of one of the major manuals of academic style.  It can be in that of the MLA, the Turabian/Chicago Manual of Style, or the APA.  Whichever one you use, follow it strictly.  In addition observe the following guidelines:


  1. Use 1 ½ inch margins on the left and right,


  1. Use a 12-point font in a standard style, such as New Times Roman, rather than decorative fonts.


  1. Double-space all text including bibliographical listings.


  1. Print page numbers on each page.


  1. Do not hand in drafts of your work in folders, covers, etc.


  1. You should use the in-text citations of MLA.Consult your format handbook you got for your English 101 class, or go to this web-based guide to writing formats:

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