Sport Information/Social Media Strategy Assessment

Sport Information/Social Media Strategy Assessment

Assessment Description:
In this assessment, students are expected to use the skills learned in Weeks 9 and 11 to write
a strategy document detailing the social media strategy that their fictitious sport organisation
should employ in its social media use. The report will detail the specific social media outlets
that the organisation should use, the rationale for these decisions, and the strategies that
should be used when posting content.
Your social media strategy document should consist of the following sections. Guidelines for
suggested word counts are included for each section:
1. Brief description of the sport organisation (100 words) – this should explain what
your sport organisation is, why it exists, and any other pertinent details relating to
your organisation.
2. Social media goals (100 words) – You should set three goals for your sport
organisation’s social media use. Make sure these are SMART (specific, measurable,
achievable, realistic, and time-oriented) goals. When setting your goals, keep the
following questions in mind: Why does your organisation want to use social media?
What does your organisation hope to achieve through its social media use? This
section should list and briefly explain each goal.
3. Description of target market(s) (300 words) – This section should detail the target
markets that your organisation hopes to reach via social media. For each target market
that you describe, include as much demographic and psychographic information as
4. Competitor analysis (300 Words) – Determine at least two sport organisations that
would be viewed as your competitors and write a brief description of their social
media use. Look at their actual social media accounts to determine what they are
posting on social media. What social media outlets do they use? What types of
content do they post? How often do they post? How much engagement do they
receive from their followers?
5. Content & Social Media Outlet Strategy (600 Words) – In this section, explain in
as much detail as possible the type(s) of content you will post on your social media
accounts to reach your target markets and achieve your goals. Additionally, you
should specifically state which social media outlets (e.g., Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, YouTube, etc.) you will use and include justification for these decisions.
In this section you should include at least two scholarly sources (academic journal
articles) to support your strategy decisions.
6. Conclusion (100 words) – Write a brief conclusion to summarise the main points
from your strategy.
Additional Considerations and Guidelines:
• Due to the 1,500-word limit, your writing should be as clear and concise as possible.
Students are allowed a +/- 10% word count allowance, and anything over or under
that amount will result in a loss of marks on the assessment. Your references and any
appendices you choose to include will not be included in the word count.
• You must use at least two scholarly sources (academic journal articles) that you found
on your own. Please note that you can use required readings from the course as
references in your assignment, but these do not count towards the two scholarly
sources requirement!
• Your assignment should include a cover page with the name of your sport
organisation, your name, your student number, and your word count.
• Your assignment should be on A4 paper, double-spaced (2.0 line spacing), 12-point
font, and include page numbers.
• Please use section headings for each section of your assignment (e.g., Brief
Description of the Sport Organisation, Social Media Goals, Description of Target
Markets, etc.)
• Include a References list using APA Style citations. Any references used should also
be cited within the text of your document using APA Style.
• You may include appendices, although they are not required. Examples of appendices
that would be appropriate for this assignment include sample screen shots of what
your organisation’s social media accounts would look like, a table outlining your
content posting schedule, etc.
• Make sure that you proofread thoroughly!

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