spooooooooooky story

prefer it to be horror story

Please post as a NEW THREAD (click on the CREATE NEW THREAD button to do so; don’t REPLY to a previously created thread) in this discussion board your written Spooooooooooky Story. Submissions may be of any length, of any topic (at least, of something you think is spooooooooooky) – pretty much the only parameter is that they must be original.

Please use the star rating system to judge the best written Spooooooooooky Story; your rating will determine who wins this portion of the Spooooooooooky Story competition.

Please, too, try to separate in your mind the stories which were told in the class and the stories which are posted here. This discussion board is meant to highlight the written story, not the presented story, and just think about what works in presenting which doesn’t work in writing (much like thinking about the translation from your first essay to your Teach the Class Presentation). The best presented story may not be the best written story, and vice-versa.


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