speaker evaluation

speaker evaluation

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For this assignment you will evaluate a speech by answering the series of questions below.

Go to Chapter 7 Sample Speeches, Pg. 451, of your textbook. Select one of the informative speeches from the sample student speeches to evaluate and answer all of the questions.

Be sure to read the comments in the margins for insights into the speech.

If you can watch the speech using the DVD provided.

How does the speaker open the speech? What works well in their introduction?
How is the speech organized? Does it flow smoothly?
What are the main points and are they clear?
What facts, quotes, stats or stories does the speaker include?
How does the speech end?
Is the speech effective: Did you learn something and did it maintain your attention? Why or why not?
The speaker’s handbook 9th edition
Jo Sprague,Douglas stuart, david bodary

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