Solid phase Red cell adherence for Red cell antigen and antibody detection

Solid phase Red cell adherence for Red cell antigen and antibody detection

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The research subject is in blood bank
talk about the Solid phase Red cell adherence for Red cell antigen and antibody detection.
I upload a power point slides that shows every point in my project please follow the instructor on the power point .Also, I upload pdf files shows the result with pic and another files shows the materials and method I used in my project .i explain each steps in method but i want you to make paraphrase to my method writing and will writing in more academic .

However, I upload the article I BEASED ON IN MY project . and I upload final project as example with different topic but it has the same structure that I need it .Also, i upload the literature review I don it for my project
please in discussion part i need strong discuss for the result and write about the Antibody clinical significant for the antibody I used on my project ( anti-D , anti-fy a , anti-k ) and make compare between the three different method i USED ( solid phase , tube method , gel card method ) also in conclusion , please write about the future of solid phase .
in Appendix part , I upload the coast analysis for the three different method plase make compare between the coast for each method , and you can write any extra thing in the appendix .

just to make you clear with my project objectives;
1- check the monolyer stability ( longevity of plate) weekly using the same plasma sample .
2- check the sensitivity of plate using titration of anti- fya . compered to tube and card method .
3- check the specifity of plate using a variety of different plasma with known antibodies.
4- perform a coast analysis of solid phase method and compared to tube and card method.

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