Sociological Perspectives


Sociological Perspectives
Submit this assignment to your teacher before or on the due date for full credit. Your teacher will use the grading rubric on the last page to grade your assignment. When completed, submit document in Dropbox.
Common Core Writing Standards:
CC.8.5.11-12.B: Provide an accurate summary of key ideas and details.
CC.8.6.11-12.B: Write informative/explanatory texts, including the narration of historical events, scientific procedures/experiments or technical processes.

Evaluate and Discuss:
In this chapter, we have identified four Sociological Perspectives. We will mainly only focus on the Functionalist, Interactionist and Conflict Perspectives throughout the course. This assignment will allow you to take a look at a real world application of these views. For this assignment you will:

First, watch one or more of the videos listed below to get a better idea of what the Gulf Coast Oil Spill is all about.

Second, Read the document “Research Today” that is located in your Doc Share. This will explain how people will view this disaster from 4 different sociological perspectives

Third, Write a 2 paragraph essay as described below.

For your first paragraph:
• In this paragraph, you want to give a brief summary of what the Gulf Coast Oil Spill was.

For your second paragraph:
• In this paragraph, you want to answer the following question.
o Which of the four sociological perspectives seems most useful to you in analyzing the Gulf Coast oil crisis?
o Then Explain why you choose this perspective.
Scoring Rubric
Category Advanced
15 points Proficient
12 points Basic
11 points Below Basic
9 points
Scoring Guidelines Paragraphs are well developed, with information clearly presented.
Response gives a strong summary of the event.
Response thoroughly answers the question and includes several specific reasons for their choice. Paragraphs are fairly well developed with most information being clearly presented. Response gives an adequate summary of the event.
Response adequately answers the question with some specific reasons for their choice. Paragraphs have little development and contain a minimum amount of information. Response gives little information on the event.
Response is vague, with little specific details provided. Contains less than two paragraphs, and/or paragraphs are confusing and lack development of ideas. Response does not answer the question in the prompt and contains no specific details or explanation.
Contains several spelling/grammar errors.

Begin paragraph here:

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