Sociological concepts Custom essay

Choose 3 questions to answer from the following questions. Your responses should be a maximum of 600 words each (1800 words total).

There is no referencing required. Your responses must be in short essay format and NOT in note form.

Written feedback is not provided for this assessment task, only your letter grade (Pass, Credit, etc.)

Exam questions: (choose 3)

1. Sociologists believe that ‘femininity’ and ‘masculinity’ are socially constructed. Discuss using one example.
2. What is meant by the term ‘secularisation’? According to your understanding, is Australia a ‘secularised’ society?
3. The terms ‘globalisation’ and ‘globalism’ are often used to describe modern social trends. Discuss the terms using examples.
4. What is ‘modernity’, and how does it relate to sociology?
5. What is meant by the term ‘affective individualism’? What is its significance in the development of the modern family?


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