Social structure theories

Social structure theories

Paper details:

Social structure theories place much of the criminal activity into the lower class. If someone would say to you that crime only happens in the lower class, how would you answer? Do all people in the lower class commit crime? Response of 400 – 500 words with examples. Ensure that the essay is written and cited in APA format. Ensure that you utilize critical writing and critical thinking.

Writing Assignment Rubric
These assignments are worth forty points, which will be assigned based on the degree to which the essay fulfills the following three requirements:
The essay responds directly and intelligently to the prompt (15 points) – Analyzes key elements from all sources (text, and three sources – minimum) into a consistent whole. Using multiple (more than 8) words specific to the aspects of the criminology discipline (classical, positivist, modeling theory, social structure theory) the artifact demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the terminology in a CJ course
1. The essay refers specifically and accurately to assigned texts (15 points) – By discussing multiple (more than 3) key ideas in criminological theory, the weekly assignment demonstrates an exceptional understanding of key concepts. The reported -results are substantive. It is particularly helpful to use specific examples or experiences, properly cited, to illustrate your point.
2. The essay exceeds four hundred words (5 points) –
3. The essay reflects careful and thorough proofreading, editing, and formatting (10 points) – Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence construction. The term paper contains fewer than 3 errors in the APA writing convention and in the paper presentation (grammar, spelling, etc.). The artifact contains less than 3 errors in the following paper components: cover sheet, body of term paper, or reference page.
No more than 20 percent of your paper may be copied directly from outside sources. Anything that is copied must be cited properly in APA format. Any information that is taken from outside sources (books, articles, text, class notes, etc. must be properly cited in APA format. That includes paraphrasing or referencing a source,etc. If you read about it somewhere or learned about it somewhere ….. cite it. This lends both credibility and validity to your paper.
At the discretion of the instructor, points will be taken off any response that does not fulfill all of these goals. Late points will be deducted according to the standard late submission policy.

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