Social Media Marketing Plan

Final Term Project – Social Media Marketing Plan

Your assignment is to select a small to mid-size company to develop a social media marketing plan. Your selection criteria should include a company that is in the B2C (business-to-consumer) space that manufacturers products or provides services to sell to consumers.
Your plan will be completed in sections (see the template on “Social Media Marketing plan outline”). See the Appendix in the textbook for a sample social media marketing plan: Raceway.

Sections of your Social Media Marketing Plan

Section 1: Conduct a situation analysis and identify key opportunities
Section 2: State objectives
Section 3: Gather insight into target audience
Section 4: Select social media zones and vehicles
Section 5: Create an experience strategy encompassing selected zones
Section 6: Establish an activation plan
Section 7: Manage and measure

For this term project, I choose Travelzoo. Because the travel and tourism industry has undergone rapid growth over the past few years and continues to grow. This industry is expected to grow in days to come with the increasing appreciation of visitation to other countries and the love of nature and adventure.

Here are two pictures about this outline details:

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