Social diversity and unemployment inequality Essay Dissertation Help

write a 2000 word essay that addresses one of the questions:

1. Why might employers be interested in promoting equality/diversity in their organisations? What advice would you give to an employer wanting to create a more equitable and fairer workplace?
Justify your answer with research literature used in the course.

2. ‘Institutions are the building blocks of just societies’ (Berg, 2015). Discuss, with reference to either: 1) gender equality in the labour market; or 2) low pay and precarious work; or 3) labour
market disadvantage of ethnic minority and/or migrant workers. Illustrate your argument with examples from research literature used in the course.

3. “Black women are sometimes excluded from feminist theory and antiracist policy discourse because both are predicated on a discrete set of experiences that often does not accurately reflect the
interaction of race and gender.” (Crenshaw, 1989 :140 )Discuss the quote above with reference to the concept of intersectionality. How helpful is this concept for explaining the experience of
multiple disadvantage in the labour market and ways of addressing it? Your answer should be illustrated with examples from your course reading.

Note: Questions subject to approval of external examiner and so subject to changes.

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