SNA: Architectural Network Designs custom essay

You work for a consulting company as the senior network architect. Your company was contracted by a local university to design and deploy a new network. During the deployment process, this network will operate in parallel to the present infrastructure. The network currently has many performance issues and security concerns. A few months ago, there was a situation reported in the local newspapers that students had gained access to the student records database and had made modifications to grades.

Your task as the senior network architect is to design a network that will mitigate these risks and address the performance issues. Special considerations should be given to physical and logical access control and how the proper implementation of the same can reduce the risk.

In a 2–3-page document, discuss the design approach you will use.

Talk about the physical security, logical security, and access control measures that will be implemented. Provide specific details.
Discuss the design approach that will control traffic flow, hence improving performance.
Use diagrams where possible support your discussion points.



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