Slavery, Colonialism and Postcolonialism in African Cinema

Slavery, Colonialism and Postcolonialism in African Cinema
– Its a 2000 word assignment but you can write a maximum of 2200 words.
Please put history into context, don’t just talk about what happens in the movie but also search for any Brazilian history that’s related to the question and the movie.
-Even though, this should be more than known.. avoid plagiarism.
– I will upload additional files with the question of the assignment and also some references but PLEASE also try to add more references that you may find convenient to this(no need to say that, do not use wikipedia).
-Follow the assignment brief; is confident in handling key terms and concepts; may also productively challenge and question key terms and concepts.
– Excellent knowledge/understanding of the topic of the assignment; excellent knowledge/understanding of the wider subject area, including relevant theoretical/critical approaches; the assimilation and integration of additional material not directly covered in the module
-Must have a coherent line of argument throughout the assignment backed up with excellent analysis; an ability to go beyond the arguments presented in the critical literature; evidence of independent and/or original thinking.

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