six system building blocks in (Brazil).

six system building blocks in (Brazil).

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Exercise: Answer all points below to form your PRIMARY response. Include the name of the country in the subject line of your thread.
Using the WHO Health System framework,
A Select ONE of the six system building blocks in (Brazil).
B Describe one effective strategy/intervention to improve this particular area of the health system. Be sure to include: Objectives, Time frame, Funder(s) of intervention and Responsible organization(s) for program implementation or creating/enforcing policy.
C Discuss the outcome of this strategy/intervention in terms of improved health, responsiveness, social/financial risk protection, and/or improved efficiency.
D Identify the ratio(s) of health care workers (e.g. nurses, midwives, physicans, etc) to the population in the country of your choice. How does this compare to the region, a developed country, or WHO recommendations for minimum number of nurse/physician/health care worker per 1,000/10,000 population)?
Helpful Resource:
World Bank. Nurses and Midwives per 1,000 population Databank. LINK:

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