Should Woolworth set up more 24-Hour Woolworths in Suburban areas?

Should Woolworth set up more 24-Hour Woolworths in Suburban areas?

Paper details:
Items to include in your report
• Evidence of Visual Management
• Student authorship statement (each student will write a brief summary of their individual contribution and a brief reflection on the lessons they learnt throughout the project , with a statement provided from the project leader, attached as the final appendix item to the report)
Report Format/Marking Guide

Title Page Should apply principles of ‘good design’ and should include the following; Program Name, Course Code and Name, Report Title, Teacher Name, Class Name, Semester, Full Student Names and IDs.

Table of Contents Use Automated Table of Contents – headings have correct styles applied to ensure they are visible in the contents.

Executive Summary Provides a clear summary of the whole report.

Introduction Purpose, context, background and rationale.



Discussion Each team member must contribute equally to these three sections.

The methodology will clearly explain exactly how all research was conducted and outlined how the data (from the business case) was collected and analysed.

The results/findings are to be presented as paragraphs – these are the facts with strictly no interpretations. You are encouraged to use suitable graphics to explain your findings (e.g. tables and graphs – also may refer to labelled appendix items for visual management tools used/developed).

The discussion will provide the team’s interpretation of the problem analysed with a clear evaluation of results. Your analysis should draw together varying aspects of the research findings, findings of other studies or sources of similar applications of visual management and literature where relevant to the discussion.

Conclusion Brief statement of what was found, no new information.

Recommendations Suggest suitable solution.

References Full bibliographic details of all references (including Internet and electronic databases) used in the report.
Appendix All attachments; evidence of visual management, service design/lean management tools used/developed, project Gantt chart, meeting notes, student authorship statement …

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