Short research and writing, please see the bellow instruction

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

First of all, this order is not a type of usual orders. This means it is not an order for writing an essay.

Second, you just need to read “The Korean Language in Culture and Society. 2006. (Ed.) Ho-min Sohn. University of Hawaii Press.” , ->Korean in contact with Chinese (H. Sohn. p.44-56), only about 20 pages.

And writing 2 important things and 2 interesting things and 1 question for the reading of 20 pages. each thing should be written within 1 to 3 sentences long. So, the whole should be less than 10 sentences.

(Example: 1 important thing I found is, 1. The Korean lexicon is characterized by different elements from many foreign nations: 30 percent inherited Korean words, 65 percent Sino Korean words, and 5 percent loanwords according to Ho-min Sohn, The Korean Language in Culture and Society.)

This order should be easy for you. and please write this paper really simply and easily. ( no hard grammar! no hard sentence strucutres!)

Also, you can find the book online easily on google. (


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