Short Answer Questions

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there are three short answer questions each question must be answered within 200 words approximately.


Short Answer Questions

  • We are all too familiar with the way that terrorism, espionage, cyber attack, and weapons of mass destruction are all features of the darker side of our modern world. Of course the type and mix of security threats shifts. Over recent decades new threats have emerged (Al Qaida, Islamic State )  old ones have fallen away (Cold War subversion), mutated (Northern Ireland-related terrorism) or branched out in new forms (cyber espionage).”

What is your response to the above  ? Comment on any aspect or any issues that emerge from  this quotation.

  • If Australia were to suffer a terrorist attack  what form do you think it would most likely take ?     What type of incident  is likely to have the widest range of flow – on effects ?
    Which type of incident is likely to pose the greatest  difficulties  for the agencies responsible  for response ?    What could be a” nightmare” scenario?


  • Are more females becoming involved in terrorism ? Why are females drawn to roles in terrorism that go against their traditional roles as   ” nurturers of life”


****Each question must be 200 words approximately, not to exceed 250 words.


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