Sexuality and Culture

Paper details:
I. Choose one of the following:

Identify a controversial contemporary sex or gender issue that interests you, which we haven’t already discussed.

II. State your topic in the form of a question which has at least two opposing points of view (e.g., Should Roe v Wade be overturned? Should gay couples be able to adopt children? Can former sex workers have successful marriages? Should we protect adolescents from sexually explicit media? Should a women’s lack of interest in sex be considered a “disorder”? ). which you will answer from two opposing points of view in your paper.

III. Provide an annotated bibliography of articles and/or academic books and reports, on human sexuality research that you are likely to use to write your final paper. (You should use minimum of 5-6 peer reviewed sources on your topic.)

Each source should be 100-150 words for the annotated bibliography.

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