sexual function after hip surgery in aging adults

Mrs. Collins, age 72, is about to be dismissed to home after being in the hospital for a broken R hip. She is walking with a walker and is feeling good. She confides in you that she is worried about sex when she goes home. She and her husband of 46 years still enjoy sexual intercourse. She wants to know if she can have sex and what she should do or not do. She tells you that she is just too uncomfortable to talk to her physician about this matter. AS A NURSE, what will you tell her? Review the brochure (“sex after hip surgery.htm”) information also provided. This is obviously not the only information you need to discuss with your client. What other information is important for your client to know? What else are you going to discuss?

Please use the reference no later than 5 years.
Using this link below for one of your reference

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