Sex Education Class for Teens

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

write a formal paper, in APA format. Thepaper is to be between 1700 and 2000 words in length ( word count does not include title page, abstract, appendix or reference page).    


Your paper, of 1700 to 2000 words, in APA format will be due to the instructor no later than the End of Week 7. The paper must be submitted in Word or RTF for grading. The paper willbe worth 100 points. Please submit your paper via the Dropbox. Do not post it to the discussions.

you will be assuming a role of a School Counselor in charge of presenting a sex education course to the student body.

target audience:

  • Early Adolescence: ages 13 thru 16


Your paper will be graded on the following:


  • APA Title Page based upon the 6th edition of APA format.


  • An Abstract presented in APA style.


  • Content of your Paper


  • A strong Introduction that identifies the needs of your target audience and to emphasize your goals in providing the necessary information.


  • The Body should consist of the material you have chosen to present and the purpose for your chosen audience.
    Hint: discuss your decision process on what topics you would present to your chosen audience and in subsequent paragraphs describe in detail the topics you have chosen to present.


  • A strong Conclusion which summarizes your thought processes and how well your material has met the needs identified in the introduction.


  • Appendix; This will be an outline of the actual presentation you plan to provide. You may provide a PowerPoint presentation if desired but this is not required; and, does not replace the requirement for an Appendix.


  • Reference List in APA format.


NOTE: All content should be researched and referenced, not based on personal opinion. I expect you to have at least 5 references (including the text from Crooks, R., & Baur, K. (2014). Our sexuality (12th ed.). Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.). When giving your reason’s for choosing the material you use support your decisions with research. All material used should be referenced both in the paper and in the Reference Listing in APA style.


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