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Scenario: It is HR’s responsibility to end employment relationships smoothly, regardless of the reason for the separation. A bad employee/employer split could lead to an employee saying adverse things about the organization to potential customers, or in extreme cases, litigation. HR must analyze the parameters of the employment relationship to determine what post-employment obligations are owed to an employee so that the separation does not hurt the organization’s sustainable competitive advantage. In this week’s Assignment, you will explore the role that severance packages play in post-employment procedures. You will evaluate reasons for severance packages, as well as the parameters of the employment relationship that constitute a need for a severance agreement. Now, respond to the following in a 2 or more page paper: Part 1: Evaluate reasons for using severance packages for employee/employer separations. 1A: Reflect on the reasons that an employee may choose to leave an organization. Likewise, think about situations that may result in an employer terminating the employment relationship 1B: Determine whether this is a sound business decision to provide all employees with severance packages, regardless of the reasons surrounding the employee/employer separation A-Provide an example and desсrіption of an organization that would endorse this post-employment obligation using concrete examples of the type of severance package every employee should be given when they leave an organization B-Provide an example and desсrіption of an organization that would endorse this post-employment obligation. Describe how the packages should differ for employees referencing the parameters of the employment relationship that constitute a severance package versus the employment relationships that should not C-Compare the benefits and limitations of both approaches to severance packages PART 2 :Determine whether severance packages have the ability to safeguard an organization’s sustainable, competitive advantage. For example, could severance packages lessen the amount of disgruntled former employees that seek legal counsel, possibly affecting the organization’s images?

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