Senior Seminar for Labor History

Senior Seminar for Labor History

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Write a Historiography into the end of the ‘Reserve Rule’ and the beginnings of ‘Free Agency’ in Baseball in regards to professional baseball players.

Use only secondary sources ijn this historiography. Of the 6 sources four of them should include: Field of Dreams (movie), The Natural (movie), Summer of Beer and Whiskey (book), abd Safe By a Mile (book). For the remainder 2 sources use any you deem necessary. Movies, documentaries, book reviews, novels, articles, legal documents and otherwise are all fine. but, USE SECONDARY SOURCES ONLY!

In this paper you will take a stance supporting the decision to abolish the RESERVE RULE and ENFORCING ABITRATIONS IN CONTRACTS and the enforcement of the beginnings of FREE AGENCY as it was in 1975. Cite players such as Andy Messersmith, Dave McNally, Curt Flood and others who had a major influence in overturning the 1970 challenge of the RESERVE RULE.

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