Seminole Land: Beliefs and Practices, the Effects of European Contact, and Removal

Seminole Land: Beliefs and Practices, the Effects of European Contact, and Removal

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SOURCE RULES: A minimum of 8 sources is required for this assignment. At least 2 of the 8 required sources must be articles or essays from academic journals that have been peer-reviewed (book reviews are not acceptable). Sources like magazines, newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and web sites are not peer-reviewed materials. Additionally, you are allowed 2 web sites only and just 1 each of these kinds of sources: personal interview, encyclopedia, magazine, newspaper, or dictionary. Do not use Wikipedia,, access genealogy,, or other low quality web-based materials in academic papers.

ASSIGNMENT: Your final research paper will be an in-depth written product that involves critical thinking and incorporates references to academic literature in the field. Your paper must be 10-pages long and engage a topic pertaining to the Native American experience by outlining/discussing a specific system of thought, or worldview particular to one tribal group. This is not to be a mere history paper reciting dates and events. Instead, research how your chosen tribe conceptualizes their place in the world via time/space. Further, how does that perspective inform the tribe?s social, political, geographic, economic, religious/spiritual, and sex/gender organization? To answer these questions, the first 5 pages your paper has to focus on traditional tribal life (pre-European contact). Some minor emphasis on contemporary life (post-contact) is encouraged at the end of your paper. This paper will be graded to see whether you adequately grasp the material and its implications, can critically analyze and evaluate the relevant issues and can reasonably defend your thesis.

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