"seldf-directed hehavior"

“seldf-directed hehavior”

Read the book ” seldf-directed hehavior” tenth edition pg75 by David L. Watson &Roland G. Tharp

Part One: Specifying the Goal

Specify your goal as a behavior-in-situation *EX: I want to stop snacking when I’m bored

Part Two: Anticipating Obstacles
5 Self-Reminder Statements
5 “If…then” Plans
Answer the questions on PG. 48 about self-efficacy beliefs
Make a list of ways to increase self-efficacy
Make a list of the pros & cons of changing

Part 3: Setting Goals
List your sub-goals that will lead to your final goal
Write a self-contract (EX: pg. 71 & 76 in 10th ed.) & sign it (just type your name at the end or use an online signature program if you know how)

Need a separate reference page.

please add or consider the idea im an international student, ive been stay in the U.S. by myself for 4 years. Having issue with being independent cause parents took good cares of me.

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