Security policy Essay

Create a security policy that would benefit your organization

Consider the organization where you work or an organization where you would like to work if you are not currently employed.

Create a security policy that would benefit your organization

Suggest some controls for your security policy

Suggest an audit mechanism to determine compliance

Use the following Format for your policy:

You should put one or two sentences here that summarize the policy and its purpose for management. This is typically an explanation of why the policy exists. Don’t be too technical.

This is where you define who or what the policy applies to, from all employees to only cashiers that handle cash in the front office. If it applies to equipment, it could be all equipment, all servers, all network connected equipment, or just company issued cell phones. Be specific.

This is where the policy is actually defined. Don’€™t be too specific, leave that to the procedures and controls that support the policy.

For example, a password policy might state that users cannot share passwords, passwords must be complex, help desk personnel never request passwords, and passwords must rotate periodically. The details of good password construction can be then put in a guideline document, instructions for the help desk on reseting passwords can be a procedure, and that Group Policy is used to force password changes every 60 days is a technical control. None of that should be in the policy, but it all needs to be properly documented and communicated to the people that need it – the guidelines to all staff, the help desk procedure to help desk staff, and the technical controls to the domain admins.

If you are in doubt remember that good policy statements talk about what the policy is trying to accomplish, and are addressed to a wide audience. Procedures and controls talk about how it is to be accomplished and are addressed to the staff that must carry it out.

Compliance Measurement
Typically, this section includes the job title of the person responsible for overseeing its implementation or the department if multiple people are responsible, a reference to audit mechanisms, and the consequences for failure to abide by policy.

Definitions, Related Standards, and Policies
This section usually contains definitions of technical or ambiguous terms, cross-references to applicable regulations, and other policies that relate to this policy. Examples include union contracts, discipline policies, and implementation guidelines. In our password policy example, this where readers would be told to consult the password construction guideline document.

If there any circumstances that might allow temporary exception to the policy, such as during an emergency, define them here. If there is anyone with the authority to temporarily waive the policy, they should be identified by job title. This section is often omitted since many policies do not allow any exceptions.

Sample Solution


REPORT Blend OF OFFICES Jo Security policy Essay ining TWO OFFICES IN LONDON There are two administration workplaces of Cognita in the United Kingdom, London Office in London and Group Head and Europe Regional Office in Milton Keynes. The separation between two workplaces is 1 hour and 4 minutes in traveling, about 51.3 miles. Cognita Management are thinking about joining these two workplaces into one however they are thinking Milton Keynes or London is the best spot for moving to. Chris Jansen, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Cognita is soliciting a report on joining workplaces from Milton Keynes and London. Web is exceptionally mainstream and solid. There are a large portion of data on web for examination. Alongside that Estate Agents in London and Milton Keynes can help with more data and settling on choice. Staff study is likewise key data of the workplace moving on the grounds that keeping knowledge staff is significant and bring heaps of advantage and sparing expense for the Group, for example, enlistment, preparing, migration, and so on… When moving office, there are numerous angles should be considered so it doesn’t influent a lot to the business, for example, – Distance of the present office and new office and the schools in the Group – Advantages and burdens of the new spot – Cost living – Cost of office lease and house lease – The present pattern of individuals and government – Staff review to have their perspective – Report of the home operators Here are the location of the Cognita Offices in the United Kingdom Gathering HEAD AND EUROPE REGIONAL OFFICE LONDON OFFICE 5 and 7 Diamond Court, Opal Drive, Eastlake Park, Fox Milne, Milton Keynes, MK15 0DU, UK third Floor, 41-42 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DY, UK Brief of London and Milton Keynes London Milton Keynes As you most likely are aware London isn’t just the capital of the United Kingdom, it’s likewise the fantasy goal of individuals around the globe, particularly understudies everywhere throughout the world. It’s a biggest city of the United Kingdom. Individuals think about London as the world’s driving worldwide city and has been named as: – Most dominant – Most alluring – Most compelling – Most visited – Most costly – Innovation – Sustainable – Most venture well disposed – Most famous for work – Most veggie lover well disposed Pursue assessments of the populace for the UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, June 2017, populace of London is 8,787,892, the most crowded of any city in the European Union. Transport in London is advantageous. – London is the busiest city airspace on the planet. There are 8 worldwide air terminals in London in which 6 of 8 utilize the word London in their name: + London Heathrow Airport in Hillingdon, West London + London Gatwick Airport, South of London in West Sussex London Stansted Airport, North-East of London in Essex + London Luton Airport, toward the North of London in Bedfordshire + London City Airport, Newham, East London + London Southend Airport, East of London in Essex – Rail is advantageous with London Underground, Suburban with in excess of 360 railroad stations, Internal-city and International with 70% of rail adventures beginning or completion in London and Freight. – Busses and cable cars, they are the biggest on the planet, running every minute of every day. – Cable vehicle, the sole link vehicle opened in June 2012. – Cycling is exceptionally prominent in the entire Greater London, around 650,000 individuals utilize a bicycle each day. – Port and waterway vessels handle 45 million tons of pay Security policy Essay load every year as temporary port measurement 2009. It is the second biggest in the United Kingdom. – Roads, in the focal point of London, the greater part of the voyages are made by open vehicle, vehicle is well known in suburbia. The UK Government needed to grow new towns in the South East of England to alleviate lodging blockage in London. Milton Keynes was another city since the 1950s. Milton Keynes was taken from the current town of Milton Keynes in an “assigned are” of 34.1 square mi. From 2004 to 2011, 25 five years after the new city established, the Milton Keynes Partnership, QANGO, had improvement control forces to quicken the development of Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is the urban structure on advancement of land use, building condition, air, water and the foundation, for example, transportation, correspondences and appropriation systems. The number of inhabitants in Milton Keynes was 266,800 (as UK populace 2018) and anticipating the expansion of 2,220 individuals in 2018 so its populace will be 269,020 individuals in gauge. The region populace under 16 is 22.6%. Transportation at Milton Keynes is extremely advantageous – The framework streets framework. It is a system of transcendently national speed limit for private and open vehicle in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire – The matrix squares is the space of 1km between network streets so i Security policy Essay ndividuals can stroll to a bus stop. – Redways framework, it was intended for recreation cycling, slow moving cycle and walker from quick moving methods. This was an isolate framework. – There are 6 railroad stations in Milton Keynes: + Milton Keynes Central + Wolverton + Bletchley + Fenny Stratford + Bow Brickhill + Woburn Sands – The London Luton Airport is the closest global air terminal to Milton. It takes around 32 minutes via vehicle or 1 hour and 3 minutes by national express from Milton Keynes to the London Luton Airport. Milton Keynes has an immediate rail association with Birmingham International Airport, around 2 hours. – Education, there is further training at Milton Keynes College however it’s up to establishment degree level and Postgraduate Certificate in Education course is accessible. This course is in association with and authorize by Oxford Brookes University since February 2012. Milton Keynes doesn’t have its very own college appropriate in spite of the fact that it is the UK’s biggest populace focus. The state auxiliary schools in Milton Keynes are: + Stantonbury Campus + Denbigh school The tuition based schools in Milton Keynes are: + Webber Independent School. This is a blended sex for youngsters from 3 to 18 years of age. + Milton Keynes Preparatory School. It is blen Security policy Essay ded sex for kids from 21/2 to 11 years of age. Rundown of Cognita Schools in UK There are 17 Cognita Schools in London and 23 Schools through the United Kingdom. Schools Town/City Good ways from Milton Keynes Good ways from London Hour Min. Hour Min. Polam School Bedford Bedfordshire 0 29 1 41 Long Close School Swamp Berkshire 1 18 1 7 Akeley Wood Junior School Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire 0 16 1 51 Akeley Wood Senior School, Buckingham Buckinghamshire 0 25 1 50 Ruler’s School, Plymouth Plymouth Devon 4 12 4 39 Colchester High School Colchester Essex 2 24 2 21 Oxford House School Colchester Essex 2 36 2 15 St Margaret’s Preparatory School Gosfield Essex 2 10 2 3 Kingscourt School Catherington Hampshire 2 28 2 7 Meoncross School Fareham Hampshire 2 45 2 24 Duncombe School Hertford Hertfordshire 1 15 1 10 Hendon Preparatory School Hendon London 0 58 0 39 Charterhouse Square School Islington London 1 39 0 20 Clifton Lodge School, , London Ealing London 1 25 0 49 North Bridge House Nursery School London 1 13 0 17 North Bridge House Preparatory School London 1 19 0 17 North Bridge House Pre-Preparatory School London 1 14 0 11 North Bridge House Senior School Hampstead London 1 14 0 21 Salcombe Preparatory School Southgate London 1 13 0 53 Southbank International School Westminster London 1 27 0 10 Southbank International School Kensington London 1 27 0 20 Southbank International School Hampstead London 1 15 0 18 North Bridge House Senior School and Sixth Form London 2 11 0 11 St Nicholas Preparatory School Kensingt Security policy Essay on London 2 16 0 19 Oakfields Montessori School Upminster London 1 48 1 36 Breaside Preparatory School Bromley London 2 23 1 15 Cumnor House School for Boys South Croydon London 2 19 1 22 Cumnor House School for Girls Purley London 2 15 1 28 Quinton House School Northampton Northamptonshire 0 38 1 49 St Mary’s School Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire 1 29 1 34 Downsend Pre-Preparatory School Leatherhead Surrey 1 49 1 19 Downsend Pre-Preparatory School Ashtead Surrey 1 50 1 22 Downsend School Leatherhead Surrey 1 48 1 21 Milbourne Lodge School Esher Surrey 1 54 1 13 Downsend Pre-Preparatory School Epsom Surrey 2 7 1 23 Glenesk School East Horsley Surrey 2 6 1 18 St Clare’s School Porthcawl Ridges 3 25 3 47 Oakleigh House School Swansea Ridges 3 47 4 9 Hydesville Tower School Walsall West Midlands 1 57 2 50 Huddersfield Grammar School Huddersfield West Yorkshire 3 7 4 4 Cost living in London versus Milton Keynes (following information on Note: all mon Security policy Essay ey in this report is Pound Sterling (GBP) Least cost for an individual living in Milton Keynes is around £3,030.91, yet you need to keep up a similar way of life in London, you need to require>

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