SEC website EDGAR

SEC website EDGAR

Project 1 Fin 321

For this project you will be selecting a national or international corporation of your choosing to evaluate. You will be accessing performance data via the SEC website EDGAR; here are the minimal requirements:

1.    In a brief paragraph state the following: the company’s name; the ticker symbol; the firm’s major line(s) of business; and data source(s) used.

2.    Using the 10-Q report create an Excel spreadsheet with one column for Sales and another for Net Income using t=40.

3.    Estimate two linear trend equations [similar to Y = a + ß t], one for Sales and one for NetIncome. Plot each time series data (two separate graphs): X-axis = time; Y-Axis: Sales or NetIncome; show the trend line in each graph.

4.    Use the respective equations to forecast Sales and Net Income for t = 41 (1st quarter of 2015). For each regression equation, provide thecomputer-generated statistical details (i.e., ANOVA: R2, t-Stat, SS, etc.).

5.    Use eachtrend equation to derive the predicted values for t = 1, 2, 3, etc.; in a table compare them to theactual (raw data) numbers.

6.    Estimate the relationship between Net Income and Sales by using a regression: Net Income = a +ß Sales (i.e., Y=a + ß X). Forecast Net Income for the 1st quarter of 2015 based on this equation(for X41 use the Sales “trend forecast” you previously obtained in part “4” above).

7.    Summarize your results in a concluding paragraph.

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