Scientific Analysis and Reasoning Lab 12

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. The comic stripcartoon in the overview depicts three separate, but related arguments (each viewed horizontally from left to right) on the subject of thinking in regard to causal claims about autism. Using the Key Points for Week 12 (both PARTS I and II) as your model, IN YOUR OWN WORDS determine whether the thinking expressed in each of the comic strip cartoons is fallacious. Discuss whether or not we would actually have to test the causal claims about autism.
  2. From your study of the LINKS TO LEARN ABOUT VACCINES in the Key Points for Week 12, set up a unified line of reasoning evaluating ONE of the causal claims (about autism, measles, or Influenza (the “Flu”)) that typically characterize observational  studies about vaccines allegedly causing viral infections, developmental disability, crippling and potentially deadly medical disorders, or diseases. Specifically, critically evaluate a causal claim (in regard to autism, measles, or Influenza (the “Flu”)) by asking (and fully answering) our four basic CRITICAL QUESTIONS:
  3. What is being claimed?
  4. How good is the evidence?
  5. What other information is relevant?
  6. Are relevant fallacies avoided?


  1. Complete Action Items 1 – 2 in a Microsoft Word document.


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