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Scaffolding Literacy Package for teachers. Chosen book for this task: “Tales from outer suburbia” by Shaun Tan – Pick one story that has enough text to work with for the following: In this assignment you will build a package of materials that will provide the resources to work through one cycle of the Scaffolding Literacy sequence. You are required to read the attached documents and readings to understand what scaffolding literacy is before attempting the task. I have attached two example so you can see and understand what you are required to do and how the perfect assignment would look. The package will contain the following: A coversheet attached and the following sections: An overview of the lessons in the sequence – identifies the lesson sequence and the lesson focus for each lesson (1 page) Text selection – identifies the book under study, lists worthwhile teaching outcomes for the book and indicates which of those outcomes the upcoming lessons will address (no more than 1 page) Contextual understanding – identifies broad cultural and situational contexts in the book which may be challenging for EALD learners and suggests ways in which these may be introduced to the students in preparation for the lessons in the sequence (no more than 1 page) Text orientation – a script for the planned delivery of the lesson, in particular highlighting the words and phrases which are being fore-grounded in preparation for upcoming lessons. Language Orientation – a script for the planned delivery of the lesson, in particular highlighting the ways in which meanings will be elaborated. Transformations – a script for transformations on one or two sentences. Word Study – select five words from your transformation sentence/s and indicate the different ways in which those words could be studied with the children. Patterned writing – construct a writing plan for use by students NB Each of these teaching package components will be both demonstrated in the lectures and prepared by students in the tutorials You are also to include a critical reflection of a scaffolding literacy lesson you have observed in the classroom. It should include a description of what you observed in the lesson, how it reflected your understanding of the purpose of the lesson as described in the literature and in lectures, and how it informed your own construction of the same step in the Scaffolding Literacy sequence. Attach this critical reflection to the lesson in the sequence it describes. For example, if your critical reflection is of a Transformations lesson, place it with your Transformations lesson.

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