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You are hired as an online marketing coordinator by an athletic apparel manufacturer. The company will soon be launching its website. As such, it is trying to set up the website’s initial analytics platform to measure how effective the website is in driving online sales and how to improve its performance and increase customer interaction and sales.

As the online marketing coordinator, it is your job to spearhead this project and recommend to the company’s owners how to set up this platform and the reasons and strategy behind it.


Your first task in your new job is to develop the sales protocol for the athletic apparel manufacturer’s e-commerce website. As the apparel company will be selling its products online, you must describe the online sales process and summarize the following areas for the website:

Content overview
What content should each web page contain? Include commonly found web pages, such as the home page, the product search page, and the page for a specific product.
How will your recommended web page content entice the user to make an online purchase?
Transactional links
What types of links should each web page have that can generate a user transaction? (An example is a link for a brochure request on the home page.)
What calls to action should be placed to generate a sale?
Payment and ordering process
What should be the process and web pages involved to order and pay for a product? In other words, describe what should happen when a user clicks the Buy Now button.
Customer service
How should the apparel company provide online customer service from the time the order is placed up to (and beyond) the delivery of the product?

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