Risk Identification Exercise

Risk Identification Exercise

Rick Reischert plans to operate a mobile hot dog cart from which he will sell hot dogs, polish sausages, pre-packaged potato chips, etc., and soft drinks in the downtown area of Murfreesboro, TN. He expects to operate the cart himself during the day, and to hire two or three part-time employees to operate the cart at night to serve customers availing themselves of the lively bar and entertainment scene in downtown Murfreesboro on nights and weekends. He has already obtained a vendor’s license from the state and the appropriate permits and licenses from the state and county health department
The hot dog cart will be cleaned, sanitized and stocked daily by a licensed commissary. All meats are precooked and only need to be warmed prior to be sale. The cart has a propane heater to warm food in a built-in steam table, and a cold compartment in which to store ice, soft drinks, condiments, and meats.
Mustard, ketchup, relish, raw and sautéed onions, and hot sauce will be available as condiments. The relish, mustard, ketchup, relish and raw onions will be held in small trays on the cold storage side of the cart and are applied to the hot dog/polish sausage using a small spatula. The sautéed onions will be maintained in a small tray on the hot side of the cart.
All sales will be in cash. Rick (or his employees) starts his (their) shift with a “bank” of approximately $50 from which to make change. Paper money is transferred to a secret pocket in Rick’s (or his employees) clothes periodically. Rick’s customers will occasionally tip Rick or his employees.
The cart has a sink with hot and cold running water. The cart can store five gallons each of hot and cold water, and has a twelve gallon wastewater tank.
The cart will be transported to and from the commissary and various locations by hitching the cart to Rick’s pickup truck. The pickup truck will be parked just outside of downtown and the cart is pushed to locations from which sales are made. The pickup has coolers (with dry ice) and storage in which additional food inventory is held. The cart will be pushed to the pickup truck for restocking when needed.
You are to prepare a Power point presentation that addresses the 2 points below. You will present your work to the class on your assigned day/time. The overall presentation should last no more than 5 minutes. The emphasis is on quality of work, neatness and impact of presentation, and presentation skills. Insert graphics sparingly and only when they add to the overall message. This assignment is worth 100 points.
1. What is/are Rick’s business objective(s)?
2. Identify up to 20 risks that Rick faces in his new business. Please organize the risks as either Strategic, Compliance, Reporting, or Operations. If you think a risk falls into more than one category, list it in all appropriate categories. Talk in general about the types of risk that Rick will face.
Don’t forget the importance of the introduction of your presentation. Slides should not be too detailed and may include graphics as appropriate.

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