Rhetorical Magazine Advertisement.

Link for advertisement  pick the KissFM one “I am your father” http://www.themost10.com/10-most-effective-magazine-ads/

Rhetorical Magazine Advertisement Analysis

For this assignment you must select a 1 dimensional advertisement from an ONLINE source.

You can easily do this by Googling “MAGAZINE ADVERTISEMENT” or looking at news sites for advertising, browsing company sites if you know what brand or product you want to review, or even just Googling for a specific product’s advertisements. Then you will write a paper analyzing that advertisement.

THE KEY HERE: IT HAS TO BE ONE ADVERTISEMENT, and IT HAS TO BE ONE DIMENTIONAL, meaning no animation, music, videos, multiple links, etc.. It should be an advertisement that could have been found in a paper magazine.

Think about the following questions. You will need to answer all of them in your essay.

• Who is the target audience of the advertisement you selected and how do you know this?
• What strategies are used to sell the item?
• What basic appeals are being made and how do you know that?
• How are layout tools like colors, lighting, balance, proportion, unity, and others defined in our articles being used?
• In your opinion, does the ad effectively sell the product?
• What assumptions does your ad make about people or our society?
• If there are figures in the ad, what are they like? What does the ad say about age, sex, ethnicity, education, gender, etc?
• How does the text contribute to the ad? How does the font of the text affect the ad?

Think about the above questions and create an argument about your ad that addresses all three angles of the rhetorical triangle: audience, subject, and author. Make sure you explain the context surrounding each element.

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