Rhetorical analysis

Rhetorical analysis

here is the link of the article that will be analyzed:


make sure all of the information from your own writing because it will be submitted on safe-assignment.
For this writing project, you will write a rhetorical analysis essay in which you examine the
rhetorical effectiveness of an argument specified by your instructor.
Learning Objectives
In this project, you will learn to g
o Analyze persuasive texts by examining the rhetorical context, argument strategies and
textual features
0 Understand how to analyze the rhetorical features of various types of texts and images
0 Examine how arguments can be developed and presented to accomplish a rhetorical
0 Write a critical analysis essay using the framework of rhetorical analysis
The audience for this project will be students and scholars of rhetoric who are interested in
learning more about how texts are used to create meaning and to persuade the audience. Keep in
mind that some of the readers may not have read the text being analyzed-you need to describe
the text and its context as Well as its relevant parts-for them ‘befOreanalyzing the details.
Consider submitting your rhetorical analysis essay to Young Scholars in Writing, a journal
dedicated to publishing undergraduate student research in writing and rhetoric.
http ://cas.umkc.ed.u.:”eng lish/p ublicationsfvoung, scholarsinwriting/g- uidclinesasp
A rhetorical analysis analyzes how an author argues rather than what an author argues. It focuses
on what we call the “rhetorical” features of a text-the author’s situation, purpose for writing,
intended audience, kinds of claims, and types of evidence-to show how the argument tries to
persuade the reader.
You will want to read the text you plan to analyze both “with the grain” and“against the grain.”
In reading “with the grain,” you “believe” everything the author tells you without question. In
reading “against the grain,” you pose challenges to the author’s claims and techniques. Read
your text a few times, making note of the following features and marking examples

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