Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis

There are 2 parts – each weighted equally (12.5%) with an equal word count (600 words each).
Part A: Research 3 different types of sources – journal articles, online sources and newspaper/magazine articles – in response to your research question.
Select 3 sources (one journal article, one online source and one newspaper/magazine article) and evaluate the credibility of these sources in relation to the research question to which your research is directed and in reference to criteria for credibility relevant to your subject area please include
-an outline of the rhetorical situation and context, including your research question (from previous assignment)
-a description of different criteria used to determine credibility
-an explanation of how these criteria relate to your subject area
-an evaluation of the credibility of each source

Part B: Engage in a comparative rhetorical analysis of ‘three complete sentences’ selected from each of the above sources (one complete sentence from each source). Your comparison should identify at least 2 to 3 rhetorical devices and strategies that clearly illustrate how authors tailor their rhetoric to their particular rhetorical situation and context.
-a ‘defence’ of the particular selection of sentences
-an outline of the rhetorical situation and context for each sentence, including the placement of the sentence in the text
-an analysis of the rhetorical devices and strategies employed in relation to the rhetorical situation and context
-a comparison of the devices and strategies employed

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