Review of Business and Technology Drivers (E-Commerce)

This assignment is aimed at strengthening the knowledge about context for information system development and subsequent work on systems analysis and design.

* Topic :- E-Commerce.

* Find relevant literature on the chosen topic. Literature selected for review is expected to be recent – preferably published during the last 6-7 years. A minimum of ten studies (articles or conference papers and in some cases book chapters) or expected to be reviewed.

* Prepare a brief write-up after reading and review of selected literature. The write-up is expected to introduce the driver and highlight its relevance to the system building decision and possible impact on system analysis activities and how the system should be developed on/for the chosen topic (E-Commerce).

The write-up is expected to be in the range of 2500-3000 words (one page on the average is approximately 250 words). There is no specific format required for the narrative. Narrative style in general uses less bulleted points. The write-up is expected to be a well rounded essay providing introduction and general information on the chosen driver.

Please include references to sources used to prepare the essay formatted according APA style.

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